Hello lovelies!


We are so happy that you have stopped by our website to say hi, shop or just to look around! While you are here, let me tell you a little bit about what Wobble Bey Bee is all about.


Wobble Bey Bee started out as a blog of all things. We still post on the blog every now and then but over time a bigger idea came to mind. We began to go after a dream that had been brewing for quite some time.


When I say we I mean my husband and I. My name is Kylie Marks and I am the owner and creator of Wobble Bey Bee. My husband and I live in Idaho and we are the proud parents of 3 amazing children! This company has been a dream a long time in the making and being able to finally jump the gun has been the best feeling in the world.


It all started from my love for the famous Van Gogh painting, Starry Night. I wanted to find a way to print that painting onto soft muslin swaddle blankets and the idea took off from there. We now create swaddles and quilts that have beautiful works of art on them as well as other amazing prints.


The ideas are endless and our goal is to continue releasing amazing, artistic blankets that can be handed down from generation to generation.


At the moment, most of our designs are limited quantities. This makes it possible for us to release different designs each month. Things may change in the future and we hope that we can add many more products to our list of growing inventory.


But back to what our company is all about. When we started Wobble Bey Bee we knew from the start that we wanted to make it as all natural and organic as possible, even if that means spending a few extra dollars on high quality supplies.


Our blankets are all GOTS certified, 100% Organic Cotton. All of our packing and shipping supplies are either biodegradable or eco-friendly. We even give you a choice at checkout to choose whether or not you want your items packaged in a biodegradable, clear plastic bag or if you would rather skip the plastic and have your items packaged with just a pretty, recycled paper holder and string (all shipped in our eco-friendly mailer).


We also pride ourselves in our Buy 3 Give 1 cause where we donate one blanket for every 3 blankets purchased, to someone in need. Please read more about our cause here.


We hope you enjoy all of the products we have to offer and that you check back frequently as we introduce more amazing and beautiful products to our store.


We keep all of our fans and customers up to date not only on our website and our blog, but also on our Facebook page and group. You can also find us on Instagram, twitter and most likely any other social media platform there is. I know, there are just too many options these days, it’s hard to keep track of where to look! But we hope to see your lovely faces throughout our shop and please, if you have any questions or concerns, email us at hello@wobblebeybee.com.


Thanks for stopping by!

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