Racism Is Not the Problem, Humanity Is

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I’m disappointed in our society, in mankind and in humanity as a whole. I’m in disbelief over the actions we choose to make as a nation and as individuals. I’m scared about the world and what it is becoming. I’m angry that people choose to react in such terrible and evil ways. I’m dumbfounded that people find it so difficult to be kind and decent. Overall, I’m just shocked.


The recent events in the news are nothing new. If it’s not one thing it’s another. We have been experiencing all of these issues since the dawn of time. Same shit different day. That’s not what gets me. What gets me is how easily we choose to react and then forget.


Something new happens and everything we were previously worked up about gets swept under the rug. Every so often something will come up and someone will lift that rug and expose all the shit again, but it will always be old news and for the most part it will always stay under that dirty old rug with the rest of history’s shit that continues to be forgotten.


What does this show you though? It shows you that as a society we are not truly worried about how we handle a situation. It shows that we thrive off of what the media tells us and as soon as a new story hits the front pages, we move on to a new rampage.


We’re like little dumb goldfish in human form. Every 5 seconds we’re on to a new topic. It’s pathetic! You can’t sit there and say you care about one situation and then as soon as something bigger and better comes along you drop it like a hot potato.


Example, remember last year when measles broke out and the world decided it was ending for a whole solid month? Every person on the planet had an opinion on the matter. Hatefully words and threats were thrown around they were nothing and people really showed their true colors towards the rest of society. I guarantee you that up until this very moment, you haven’t thought about that outbreak in days, weeks or months! Why is that?


9-11 is another great example. An extremely horrendous tragedy happened. Americans banded together in a way that I only wish we could do today. But then the wreckage got cleaned up. The people, families and friends mourned. The months and years passed and the event got pushed under that mystical rug. Not forever. Once a year, the world bands together again and we act like we have no differences. We show major love and support (like we all should) for those who lost their lives. Why? Because that’s what we should be doing, that’s what is right, and decent. That’s what makes us good people who have morals and feeling and hearts.


But then the day ends and evil shows its mean little hateful face again. This is the problem with people. This is the problem with our society. Niceness does not count if you only choose to show it on special occasions.


You can’t call yourself a good person who stands up for the cause while shooting down all opposite ideas. You can’t pretend to be a peaceful protester who is there to show support, while harming those who disagree with you.


Hypocrisy is not an endearing quality. You do not get to decide to be good towards some people and bad towards others. You do not get to decide which lives matter and which lives don’t. You do not get to decide that your opinion is better than others or that it matters more than someone elses.


I’m so sick and tired of everyone beating around the bush when it comes to the cause of all these events.


It’s not racism!


It’s not sexism!


It’s not terrorism!


It’s not any of these things!


People are not killing others because of any of these issues.


People are not raping, murdering, harassing, protesting, rioting, or causing chaos for any of those reasons.


Despite what the media tries to shove down our ever opening throats. The true reason why things like this happen, the reason behind why people do terrible, stupid, in human and down right unnecessary, unjust and horrific things is this.


Lack of common sense and the want to be good.


That’s it!


Not all people are like this. I can vouch for that. I choose to be a good person every day. I don’t hurt people or purposely cause tension just so I can get a reaction out of others.


It’s a simple concept, peace. It’s so simple it’s impossible.


We live in a world where our differences will always triumph over our ability to be good. Our emotions will always get the best of us and it will always result in complete and utter chaos in some form or another.


Right now, that lack of common sense and a moral compass, has nearly caused a civil war within the United States. A civil war based on the premises of racism. A concept that wouldn’t even exist if those moral compasses were simply pointed in a better direction.


Common sense is hard to come by but I guarantee that if you dig down deep enough you will realize that reacting in a poor manner to an already hostile situation, will only cause more hostility and hate.


Remember those riots that went on in Ferguson and the ones in Baltimore? You do now because I just let them escape from under that incredibly large rug for a brief moment. They were chaotic, destructive, harmful and down right unnecessary. But they blew over and we all moved on to whatever new story erupted in the media.


Those riots happened because someone was killed. People literally chose to trash and destroy the very towns they lived in, to prove that they did not agree with those deaths.


I’m at a lose, I can’t even understand how that makes sense in any way, shape or form. Did that prove a point? Yes it did! It proved that people cannot be civil. It proved that people care more about themselves than they do about anything else. Those riots proved that the human race will never be able to move forward because we are so focused on proving a point.


It will never end because people will always choose to react ruthlessly and stupidly towards their emotions rather than fixing the actual problems, rather than thinking about what their actions will do to everyone around them.


I’m just tired of hearing about something new, something equally as terrible as the last thing, happening every day and watching people react in completely inhuman ways, just to forget about it when a new tragedy occurs.


It just goes to show how short and narrow-minded we can all be and how superficial our emotions are proving to be.


These poor families of all the ones lost over the last few days have to live with these burdens forever. Everyone else gets to move on like we always do.


If you only care for a moment, does it really count?


I don’t have a solution. Honestly, I’m not sure if there is one. People aren’t robots and the dream of peace is just that, a dream. There will always be evil people and to think otherwise is naive.


The best form of retaliation it so simple it’s often overlooked.


Raise good humans. Teach your children to do good and respect what is around them. Maybe if we can begin to achieve that, we can begin to repair what we have single-handedly destroyed.


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  1. Marya

    I’m dismayed at the tensions and progress that’s been lost recently. However, I still believe that good will overcome evil. We’ve got to start listening to each other and leaving our little havens of safety to meet people from different backgrounds.

  2. briannapicard

    We are going to hell in a hand basket with a bow that we tied around our own necks. It’s ridiculous. We’ve got to love others and, like you said, raise good kids.

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