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The Best Homemade Skin Care Products You Never Knew You Needed!

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I’m a huge fan of skin care products but I’m an even bigger fan of homemade, all natural, super healthy, skin care products!

My amazing friend started her own skin care company where she hand makes some extremely, out of this world products! From homemade soap, to baby products, and so much more!

Her company is:



And I highly recommend that you go check out her website and her Facebook page! You won’t be sorry!


Kadie started out making all of these amazing skin car products and handmade soaps for her kids who have skin sensitivities. The natural and organic ingredients were a life saver in preventing rashes and irritations. Her friends and family showed so much interest in the products that she decided to start her own skin care company so she could share these wonderful products with others. She has had such a great response about her items and her company has been rapidly growing over this last year. She puts all her heart and soul into everything she handcrafts and she says “there really is a difference between store bought soap and handcrafted soap, it’s pure luxury!”


I also want to add that she renders (by hand, herself) all the tallow that is used in the soap, from local raised cows. All of the lard she uses is from pigs that they raise. She grows her own aloe vera that she puts in her aloe products and she gets her luffas from a local organic farm! I’m not sure how much more natural and organic you can get!


My most recent obsession is her Strawberry Soap Bar made with Shea Butter. It is seriously to die for! It smells amazing! I wish I could make my whole house smell the way this bar of soap does! Plus it is extremely silky smooth to wash with because of the amazing ingredients. In fact, I just ordered 3 more bars because one is simply not enough! I must have them for every bathroom in our house!



The products she can make by hand are endless but here are a few of her favorites!


Raw Honey and Oats Soap Bars!

Aren’t these the most adorable bars you’ve ever seen?!


“Crafted with local honey and soothing flakes of oatmeal, this all-natural recipe keeps skin hydrated and replenished without the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic additives. This bar has a sweet, unisex scent that smells of honey and brown sugar that will have you coming back for more!”




Crème De La Crème Soap Bars!

These are probably the best soap bars she sells! Plus, they look like slices from a cake! What could be better?!


“The Crème de la crème … This is simply the best soap we make. It was handcrafted for the treatment and prevention of cellulite and stretch marks. It is loaded with natural antioxidants from organic coffee and cocoa powder in addition to many high quality essential oils. Once you have a taste of this, you will never want to go without!”


handmade soap


Luffa Soap Bars!

These bars are amazing and to add to how much we already love them, the luffas are organically grown from a dear friend! Keeping it local is key!


“Luffa gourd wrapped up in silky soap! Great gift for teachers, mothers, and gardeners!”




Pink Berry Bomb!

Alright, so these little beauties are some of her best sellers, and that is for good reason! They are awesome! I mean look at it, it even looks heavenly in the picture!


“Fruity mixed with vanilla, this bomb will make you fall in love with its delectable blend of sweet and tart.”


bath bombs


Black Raspberry Vanilla Scrub!

This stuff is also amazing! You will feel so refreshed after using it and your skin is so silky feeling!

body scrub


Acne Body Bar!

The products just keep getting better! Do you have acne prone skin? If so you should try this body bar! It works amazingly well and it’s good for you because all of the ingredients are chosen to specifically help clear up your skin!


“Remove impurities and prevent acne with this tea tree, charcoal, and red clay soap. The clay supplies a gentle exfoliation along with healing properties. Scented with high quality tea tree essential oil which aid in healing acne. Activated charcoal adds a final touch by detoxing the skin. Great for acne prone skin for men and women alike!”



Eye Serum!

A little goes a long way with this wonderful eye serum! It really is a little miracle worker! Just use the fancy roller stick to rub it around your eye are and watch it go to work.


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Eases puffiness and dark under eye circles
  • Roller ball makes it convenient to apply
  • No parabens, dyes, or harsh chemicals


eye serum


As you can see, she has a huge range of products that she makes from scratch and I just touched on a few of them. She makes so many other amazing products from baby shampoo, to lip balm and lip scrub and a million more soaps that are equally as scrumptious as the ones I mentioned above.


Did I mention that her prices are also as amazing as the products themselves! Seriously, she makes all natural / organic skin care products that are affordable and she does it while raising 4 beautiful babies! She’s like a little super hero mommy in my book!


Please check out her website and give her some love! She so deserves it and you will not be sorry with the products you receive! In fact, I’m fairly confident you will probably be back for more!


Here are so more pretty pictures of her yummy skin care products! Head on over to her website or Facebook page to ask her question and to order some handmade goodies!



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  1. Jamie

    I’m trying one of these this weekend! Great recipes!! I always love any beauty item with honey!

    • Kylie

      Yay! Good luck with it, I hope you love it! Let me know how it goes!

    • Kylie

      It really smells so amazing! It smells good enough to eat! She might have a few left if you contact her. I know the strawberry ones were limited.

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