Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

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I was on a particular facebook group the other day (a mommy group), and a conversation came up that I found to be a bit rediculous.

Someone asked a question that involved a baby and juice. As you can imagine, there were quite a few people who didn’t like this topic. There was your fair share of people who directly answered the question and then there were the “don’t give your baby juice” comments.

Now personally, I agree with the no juice thing but that’s not what got to me. What irritated me most was after every single no juice comment, the original poster would comment back with some form of “my doctor said it’s ok”.

This answer literally makes me cringe and my blood boils a little. To me this is a cop out to a more important issue. She was completely avoiding any rational argument because a single person in her life told her it was fine to give a baby juice.

This is not about juice though. We all have our own opinions on that topic and frankly, what’s the point in trying to push no juice on someone who wants to give their baby juice.

The point of this post is this…


There is an important lesson to be learned here. It is one every parent should teach their children (and themselves in most cases). There are many, many things that one can do in life, however, that does not make them all good decisions.

You CAN shit in your bed. Should you do that? NO! That’s gross!

You CAN eat 15 candy bars a day, should you? NO! Your body will hate you! And then you might not be able to control whether you shit in your bed.

You CAN walk down the street tripping everyone. Should you? NO! That’s incredibly rude!

The moral of this story is not about the topic of whether or not juice should be given to a baby, the moral is that there are tons of people who will walk into your life telling you to do something this way or that way.

Please! Teach your children that not every Tom and Harry who speaks an opinion is correct. There are a million things people do that they just shouldn’t.

I once had a doctor who refused to prescribe me birth control in high school (even with my mom’s permission) because I wasn’t married. Was this right of him? NO! Was he a doctor? YES! Did his occupational status make him correct on the matter? NO! Therefore a doctor gave me some not so hot advice.

Like I said, everyone has their own opinions. But immediately resorting to “my doctor said so” because you can’t form a legitimate argument, does not make you or your doctor correct.

I’m pretty sure one of the most popular saying in the history of saying-ness (I made that up, just go with it) is “would you also jump off a bridge if they told you to?”

Keep that in mind next time you blame your actions on another person’s advice. Sometimes the best advice from the most competant people lands you face first at the bottom of a bridge…just saying…

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  1. Angela

    I think it is important that we all do what is best for our family. Everyone will offer and opinion, but you don’t have to take their advise.

  2. Theresa B.

    I still can’t get over the fact that you said shit twice. Lol. But anyway, I get what you mean. Just because a professional said it’s ok to do something doesn’t make it the final say. Always good to research further to get the pros and cons and varying viewpoints.

  3. happiestmama

    Important message! Knowing the difference between an opinion and a fact is key. As they say – common sense is not so common.

  4. Kerry

    You crack me up! No I won’t shit in the bed just because I can. I did give my toddler watered down juice once when she was sick because I was worried about her dehydrating. But it was my decision. I didn’t fret about it or ask other moms their opinions. I wish more moms would just do their own thing and not worry about everyone else’s opinion. Why does everyone need approval these days? I think I’m off track now. Sorry! 🙂

  5. Kayleigh @ Sugar in My Texas Tea

    I really, REALLY struggle with keeping my mother shut (or at least keeping my comments friendly) when people talk about feeding their kids crap, spanking, crying it out, etc. Okay, I get it. The apple juice will not kill him and it helps him poop. Guess what else will make him poop? Fresh blueberries or spinach! And they aren’t pure sugar.

    I’ve had to actually say out loud, “not my monkey, not my circus.” It helps. And then I go tell my husband how stupid I think so and so is. LOL

    • Kylie

      I completely agree, I can’t get on board with the juice thing. I have 3 kids, 6 years, 3 years and 8 months. None of them get juice but like you said, “not my monkey, not my circus” lol. People will do what they want to do. I’m sure there are many things I do that others don’t understand.

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