8 New Kids Items You Can’t Live Without!

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Who wants more baby items?! I know, silly question…if you have a baby you always want more baby stuff!


I got a little behind last week with the blog posts and the product updates. Being out of town for 10 days will do that to you. But I’m getting all caught up and the current boutique products are all up to date! Yay!


What’s even better is all the past products that were suppose to already be gone have been extended until July 4th! So make sure to head over and make your pre-order soon!


So what’s for sale right now? So many adorable and fun baby clothes I can’t stand it! Let’s take a look 😊 and don’t forget to read all the way to the bottom because there might just be a sneak peek of some items coming soon!


Current items for sale:

Everything here is available until July 4th!


Teddy Bear Romper ❤

This little romper is for both girls and boys and is about the cutest thing EVER!

product 2


Fearfully and wonderfully Made Tee ❤

Again, cutest thing ever, but for toddlers! And who doesn’t already love baseball style shirts?



Floral Headband ❤

This headband is the best! It’s adorable and the bow part actually stays in place! I won’t lie. My baby girl wears one of these a LOT!



Mamas Boy Outfit

We needed a boy item and this outfit is so stinking cute I couldn’t resist!

baby clothes

Rabbit Ear Hat ❤

The pictures don’t give this hat justice. It’s more than cute! It’s warm, stays in place thanks to the chin strap and it makes your baby look like a little bunny!

baby hat


Powered by Milk Romper ❤

All I can say is YES! Baby girl looks super adorable in this romper and I’m tempted to buy it in all future sizes.



Heart Bottom Pants ❤

These have a heart on the butt! And we all know how much we love babies with little butt patterns on their clothes!



Large Muslin Swaddle ❤

These come in 26 different prints! Crazy! They are soft, big and perfect for summer!



That’s everything that’s in stock right now. I’m going to try to continue making weekly posts about new products so stay tuned and subscribe so you don’t miss anything!


Also, our newsletter is the best place to stay updated on both blog posts and new and upcoming products. Sign up here if you want to be added to our newsletter. I’m trying to make an option to sign up for different newsletter amounts (like weekly, monthly or for every post and product). We’ll see how fast I can figure that out. In the meantime, you can always shoot me an email if you signed up and have a preference.  I’ll add you to the specific list you prefer.


Alright, last but not least…items COMING SOON!




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  1. Samantha

    That floral headband is gorgeous! My girls never left theirs alone, but I would totally try headbands again just for that one! And I love baby clothes with cute stuff on the butt – it’s just adorable. 🙂

    • Kylie

      Thank you! The headband is available until July 4th if you want to order

  2. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness, I love that Fearfully and wonderfully made shirt! <3 I need that for my son. What is the size I would get for a 22 pound toddler?

    • Kylie

      Thank you ❤ it’s available until July 4th if you decide you would like to order.

    • Kylie

      Thank you! and I love your blog! I added it to my wordpress follow list 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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