5 things i forgot about babies

5 Things I Forgot About Babies

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I’m not sure if these are things that everybody forgets or maybe it’s just me and my scatter brain, but either way, I completely forgot half of the stuff that you go through when you have a baby.

Our boys right now are 5 and 3. There is a 28 month gap between them and I think that is perfect. After my first baby, I felt prepared for number two when he arrived. We then waited a bit longer to have our third baby. Little miss baby was born 4 months ago and she is perfect in every way. However, apparently somewhere in the time span of the 3 year, 2 month age gap, my brain said I quit and forgot every aspect of infancy. I wasn’t aware of this until little things started to occur to me over the last 4 months.

Let’s make a list shall we…

  1. BABY BAG PROBLEMS: This was the first time my husband and I realized that we were a little rusty in the baby raising area. We showed up at the doctor’s office for little ones two-day appointment and realized we brought absolutely zero supplies. I didn’t even have a diaper! Do you know how many times newborns poop?! A LOT! My husband looked at me and the doctor, after putting a wet diaper back on baby, and said “we’re not in baby mode yet”. And it was very true, we were not prepared at all!
  2. POOPING: I forgot how often newborns poop, which is generally every single time they eat, so if you break that down, it’s around 10-12 times a day….that seems a little excessive to me but hey, what do I know, I’m not a newborn nor do I remember being one. Then after I finally got used to changing a diaper every two hours, she suddenly decided she no longer needed to go that often and at six weeks started pooping every 2 days. Just to be clear, I’m not complaining about this.
  3. MILESTONES: I forgot the time frame for every milestone our boys made. I have spent more time than I want to admit going through pictures and baby books (well one baby book, after the first child some things end up on the back burner, I’m slowly catching up) just to figure out when they smiled, rolled over, crawled, walked, etc… I’m still wondering about the laughing milestone, I obviously did not keep track of that one. It’s apparently some time after 4 months because right now we get a lot of silent, open-mouthed smiles and some coughing sounds that I’m pretty sure is her way of saying she thinks we’re funny, or crazy, it’s a fine line most days.
  4. SLEEPING: Now for this one I’m going to say it’s probably the opposite experience than most have. I forgot what it was like to actually sleep with a newborn. When I say that I mean that we actually got some sleep this time around. Barrett didn’t sleep until he was 7 months and then was an excellent sleeper….still is at 5 years old. With Brayden we never slept, EVER. He was a very vocal baby at all hours, insisted on eating ever 2 hours for the first year and to this day still does not go to or stay asleep easily. So we were used to no sleep, it was normal. Then little miss came along and after a few weeks…SHE SLEPT! I was kind of shocked, this was a new one for us. Fingers crossed that it keeps up and only gets better.
  5. GROWING: I forgot how quickly they grow. Once they’re older you don’t notice it as much. But I notice it so much with little miss. When she was born she fit across me perfectly while I fed her. Now she’s long and her feet get all bunched up on the arm rest while I’m feeding her. Also, she has the most fabulous hair and it stuck straight up an inch when she was born and now it’s twice as long (still sticks straight up) and it makes me realize she’s growing up faster than I want her to.

So far that’s what I’ve noticed. I know there will be many more things I’m not prepared for even though its our third baby. I guess that’s what happens when your focused on the moment and keeping everyone happy, healthy and alive. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how we all made it through our younger years. Kids are rough on one another!

I know I’m forgetting a ton of examples so if you have any new things that you forgot while raising your babies, leave me a comment. It’s fun to find out how much in common everyone has when it comes to their kids.

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  1. Alicia Hensley

    My sister just had a baby and she asks me about when my 3 year old was a newborn…I don’t remember a lot of what she asks! So, it’s not just you.

    • Kylie

      That’s a relief! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m pretty sure it’s nature’s cruel way of getting us to have more kids lol.

  2. Just a Girl Winging Life

    So my second son is 8 months old now. When he was born I was fully expecting him to poop tons! My first pooped on my twice before they even weighed him! But anyways…my son NEVER pooped and he would only poop like once every week. Weirdest things!

    But even having my kids 16 months apart there was SO much I had already forgot. Our minds make us forget haha!

  3. lisalewismd

    It’s always amazing to me how DIFFERENT each sibling is. That’s part of the fun of our unique children. I can’t think of anything else, your list was fun to read.

  4. jessicamars2013

    My husband says we forget all these things so that we will have more babies lol. He will tell me how horrible something was when I get baby fever and I’m like “NO it wasn’t that bad, you are over exaggerating!” and then I have another baby and it’s like, “oh yeah, now I remember lol.”

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