12 Things I Wish I Could Tell First Time Moms

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I’m definitely not an expert on children or parenting and I don’t have any school or work background in these areas, but I do have 3 kids so I think I have the right to consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about these subjects.
Over the last 6 years I’ve realized that there are so many things I wish I could tell all first time moms. I could have used the advice before our first baby boy was born, it would have saved a lot of time and energy. Now, I understand that most first time parents are extremely excited so I don’t actually expect any first timers to follow my advice. But, I’m going to give it anyways 😉
Hopefully this helps some first time mommy’s and daddy’s navigate their way around what is to come.
So here’s some advice and suggestions from a full-time mommy of three.

  • 1 ~ You do not need every baby product known to man in order to raise your child. Believe me, over half of the things you end up receiving or buying will rarely be used (if you even use them at all). It all depends on your baby and what they like. For example, my first boy loved his bouncer, my second boy absolutely hated it! I didn’t even bother getting one for our little girl, I didn’t want to waste the money on something she might hate.
  • 2 ~ Some things just wont go how you want them to. For example, I never used a nursing pillow…but I own one. I decided the other day, that since I have it collecting dust in a corner, why not see what all the hype is about right? It was more work than it was worth. Either my boobs are just too small or it’s not made to use while sitting on the ground, because I still had to hold up Elora so she could nurse. Which defeats the purpose of the pillow, so back to the corner it went. I know lots of parents who swear by them though so to each their own.
  • 3 ~ Always think about what time of the year your baby will be born before buying clothes (tell your family and friends this)! There is nothing more disappointing than getting a bunch of adorable newborn summer clothes and then having your baby in October…
  • 4 ~ Don’t buy zip up sweatshirts for an infant. They may look cute, but all they do is bunch up around their neck and irritate them. Same goes with shirts or anything else that isn’t buttoned or zipped below their butt. Just buy onsie and footsie pajamas for the newborn and 0-3m stages. I promise you, they are a million times easier!
  • 5 ~ While we’re on the onsie topic, you should know you’ll receive five million sets of onsies…I have no idea why everyone’s chooses to buy this one item but it’s inevitable. You won’t use them all and HEADS UP, they shrink like no other. Our baby girl is 4 months old and fits in 6-9m onsies.
  • 6 ~ Your baby probably won’t sleep well…SURPRISE! Expect the worst and hope for the best…but mostly expect for the worst. Babies keep you up at all hours, that’s just a fact of life.
  • 7 ~ Sleep when baby sleeps! I don’t care if you are OCD and your house looks like it exploded, sleep when baby sleeps! Nobody likes a grouchy mommy.
  • 8 ~ Breastfeeding hurts. Don’t believe all the crap about “it shouldn’t hurt if they’re latched on right”. It hurts at first no matter what! Somebody is forcefully sucking on your nipple! If that doesn’t hurt you for the first few weeks then you are my hero! My advice, use nursing pads, nipple cream, try to get as much boob in their mouth as possible, use a nipple shield if you need to, hang in there and don’t give up. In my experience, 3 weeks has been the magic number. After 3 weeks it started to not hurt.
  • 9 ~ You do not have to put up with everyone and their mother touching your baby. It’s your baby, tell them to back off! Also, it’s completely reasonable to ask people to wash their hands before touching or holding your baby. People are gross, if you don’t want their germy paws (or faces) near your child, tell them!
  • 10 ~ Don’t feel bad if you never want to go anywhere anymore. Babies, toddlers, kids, they’re all a pain in the ass to take anywhere. I never leave my house anymore…have you ever tried to shop with 2 toddlers and an infant? It’s not worth it, I’ll just starve, it’s less work.
  • 11 ~ How to baby books are great for reference. They will not however, teach you how to raise a baby. You didn’t just birth a robot, you birthed a little squishy human who is always hungry, tired, poopy and incredibly unreasonable. There is no book on earth that will walk you through that.
  • 12 ~ Last but certainly not least, please don’t judge your childs milestones off of other people’s experiences. Some babies will walk at 9 months, some won’t walk till 15 months. Just because someone else’s baby started doing something at a certain age does not mean yours will, or should, be the same. Kids progress at their own rate. Please give your child the time he or she needs to get to where they are going. It goes by way to fast, give them time.
There you have it, all my lovely advice that you will all agree with AFTER you have ignored it and done it anyways. I did the same, so I’m totally not judging!

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  1. Diana

    This is some great advice! I dont have any kids, but I’m sure that one day this will come in handy.

  2. fullererica2028gmailcom

    Thank you for sharing the truth about breastfeeding. I am not married or have a child yet. But I have tons of nieces and nephews and I have had to help my friends with there during that time. IT HURTS!. Love all the other advice as well. thank you so much for these tips

  3. ruthieridley

    I think many need to hear the truth about breast feeding. I wish I had this post about 7 years ago. Great advice.

  4. Juliet @ Bowl of Cherries

    This is great! I had no idea that breastfeeding was going to hurt so bad and was surprised, but I muscled through it. (we’re moms, its what we do!) I love that you mentioned that onesies shrink because I thought it was only me that would put the onesie in the washer ONCE and it would come out a few sizes smaller. The worst!

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