My Toddler Threw A Tantrum Today Because…

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If you have a toddler you know how ridiculous their fits can be. They can go from happy and laughing to mad and screaming in 5 seconds flat.
They really know how to plan them too. Like right in the middle of a grocery shopping trip or at the doctor’s office because the lollipop was the wrong color.
It happens anywhere and everywhere, over absolutely anything and everything.
The good news is they eventually grow out of this. The bad news is, they grow back into it when puberty hits. But good news again, after those long teenage years, most grow out of it again. Then they get to deal with it once they have their own kids. So the circle of life continues.
I asked a group of parents what their toddlers have decided to throw fits about and where some of these fits have occurred and the answers were hilarious!
My toddler threw a tantrum today because…

  • My 2-year-old son wanted his socks off. So I took them off. He cried. ” socks on!” So I put them back on. He cries again ” socks off!” 
  • Today my toddler cried because she didn’t want her daddy’s cereal… no one even offered it to her.
  • Today my son threw a fit because I opened his applesauce. That he handed me to open for him.
  • When my oldest was 3 she cried because she said her pork chop was looking at her. 
  • Today I ruined my toddlers day with a green cup. 
  • My son was crying because he couldn’t get out of the pack n play that was open at the bottom.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him put his hand in the toilet while I was pooping.
  • Because I wouldn’t give him pizza rolls at 9am.
  • Because he couldn’t wear two pairs of pants.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him eat the Kitty’s ear.
  • My son just cried cause he took his pants off.
  • My daughter cried because we laid in bed like she wanted.
  • Mine once cried after licking the dog and it didn’t tickle like she wanted it to.
  • My 3-year-old freaked out the other day because the movie he was watching was in wide-screen and had black spaces on the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Because my youngest was throwing up with food in his hand and I wouldn’t let him eat vomit covered food,
  • Because I put the shirt on her that she wanted on. Same for the shoes.
  • Because I ate all my food and she still had a plate full.
  • Because I wouldn’t let her eat the paint cap I had in my hand.
  • My four-year-old cried because I put the “left sock” on her “right foot” and vice versa.
  • My two-year-old cried because nana was on the phone. He called her.
  • I didn’t save her from the dinosaur she took out of her brothers bin. Apparently it’s less scary when it’s not in front of her.
  • Because she couldn’t give her eight year old brother a piggy back ride (she’s 2).
  • The funniest fit mine has thrown yet is when I wouldn’t let him in the fire place…it wasn’t lit.
  • Today my almost 19 month old was playing with a ribbon from a kite, and our cat tried to attack it because she thought Annie was trying to play with her. Well she wasn’t, and when the cat pounced on the ribbon my daughter screamed bloody murder. She continued to scream and cry until I shoo’d the cat from the living room entirely.
  • In the middle of a restaurant. In front of the entire buffet line. I just simply stepped over her and continued to get my food. Little demon wasn’t gonna stop me from eating. Good thing when I started to walk off, she got up and chased after me.
  • Because she grabbed a tampon out of the bathroom and I wouldn’t let her throw it in the toilet or take it through the house.
  • I wouldn’t let him wear my bra.
  • The other morning my daughter threw an absolute fit at her brother because he didn’t take his Mickey Mouse bowl out for breakfast to match her Minnie Mouse one!
  • Yesterday, my daughter, who is potty training, threw a fit because I wouldn’t let her wipe her bottom with a plastic bag.
Let me know what funny things your toddlers have thrown tantrums over and the funny places they have thrown them. I know it may not seem to humorous at the time but it makes for some great blog posts 😉 I’ll make another post down the road if there are enough comments about tantrums!

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  1. Diana

    Today my toddler cried because he took the straw off his juice box and the glue tore a little piece of the front of the juice box!

  2. Olivia Derby

    Booooy, do I know what thats like. My son threw a total fit today because I dropped the big gross ant that he handed me. Im such a bad mother.

  3. Candice

    Oh good your days sound like mine! My toddler freaked out at me because I didn’t put kitty on the tv. After two days of this I figured out Kitty means Courise George!!! Thanks for making my day!

  4. Ann Phil Verghese (@annphil)

    Hi Kylie,
    Good to be here today,
    I am here today via your facebook notification on Mary’s page ‪#‎shareyourblogpost‬
    Nice to read your post. Very interesting snippets from the little tots tantrams!
    Very funny to know about their tantrams. Tanks for sharing
    Keep writing
    Good day
    ~ Ann

  5. natalietanner

    It makes me feel better about those crazy days! LOL! My kids are older now, but you never forget!

  6. JoulesDellinger

    LOL, i need to start making a list of all the things that upset my kiddo. He recently told me that he couldn’t wear his orange sweatshirt because it was “way too comfortable.” Um.. okay.

  7. Sarah Black

    This list is hilarious!!! The greatness of toddlers is comedy gold. My threeanger threw a fit today because I wouldn’t dump the entire “family size” dorito bag into her bowl. Somedays, we both are just trying to survive.

  8. onceuponadollhouse

    We don’t have toddlers but we sure have seen some throw some great tantrums. You list made me giggle a bit, but also will remember your post long into the future. Will probably giggle one day looking back when we have toddler who cry about pizza rolls at 9am!

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