I’m Sorry, but no, Your Opinion Does Not Always Matter

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Last week I took a trip to see a bunch of my family who flew in for my grandma’s birthday. For the most part it all went well. I saw people I haven’t seen in years and it was nice to reconnect. However, nothing is ever perfect and like most trips that involve alcohol and difference in opinions, a political  argument broke out that I literally had to walk away from.


I learned two things that night. Two very important messages that I now have to concentrate on teaching my children because the patheticness of the situation made me not only embarrassed and uncomfortable but also down right mad.


Lesson 1:
You opinion does not give you the right to be an asshole.


I’m not sure at what point we all thought that loudy voicing our opinions in rude and derogatory ways was going to prove effective, but it’s not. It just makes you loud and rude.


Lesson 2:
Your opinions do not always matter and an argument between people who believe in opposite ways will simply cause a bigger argument.


My opinion on a hot topic, like politics, will not change your opinion.


If I’ve decided I love guns and you’ve decided you hate them, will my mouthy comments miraculously make you change your mind and run out to buy one? No, they won’t! The same goes for the opposite.


Every one of us has taken every single topic we can imagine and formed an opinion about it. That is what makes the world diverse. We can’t expect everyone to agree with what we believe in, that is a naive and very narrow minded way of thinking.


Would it be easier? Yes.


Is it possible? No.


We are not programmable robots. We are human beings who have minds of our own. To think that voicing my opinion will change the minds of those who think opposite is rediculous.


Therefore, my opinion does not matter in this sense.


My opinion on a hot button topic is simply giving someone else something to complain about. I have enough to complain about, I don’t need more.


Discussing politics, racism, parenting tactics, etc, with someone who clearly does not see eye to eye with me is not solving any problems. It is not changing people’s minds nor is it productive.


Debating is healthy, don’t get me wrong, but arguing for the sake of a reaction is rude and annoying and down right unnecessary.


You won’t ever agree with everyone, that’s life. But you can be civil and polite and learn when to keep your mouth shut.


Opinions are wonderful things, but you don’t need to shove them down every throat you walk past.


If you don’t agree with someone, so be it. Sometimes disagreements need to be left at that, a disagreement. One of those agree to disagree situations that you move on from. It’s like trying to force a cat to love water. Your constant opinions on why water is so great won’t ever make that cat love it, it will just make them really mad and progressively more irritated.


What I’m trying to get at here is choose your battles and realize that we are not all the same.


It is very possible to respect a person who you don’t always agree with and sometimes, some topics, are better left unspoken.


People opinions will rarely change. Is the argument really worth fighting over if everyone leaves angry but with the same mind set?


It’s counterproductive.


So once again, no, your opinion does not always matter! Silence can be golden! And throwing around rude statements does not make you right or make others change their minds!


Be nice people! You catch a lot more flys with honey than you do with vinegar.


And if all else fails, do what your momma taught you! If you can’t say something nice…then keep your damn mouth shut!

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