Wobble Bey Bee Boutique’s Grand Opening!!!

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Sunday, June 5th!


I am so excited to announce that Wobble Bey Bee Boutique will officially be opening this Sunday (June 5th)!!!


We are not your average boutique though! We will be doing things a little differently, but we hope that means everyone has a lot more fun and finds excitement in all of the great deals that will be available.


So what does all of this mean? How will Wobble Bey Bee Boutique work?


Well let me tell you! I like steps so i’ll break it down that way 🙂


Step 1:

Every Sunday, and occasionally other days of the week, we will post a product for sale. These products could really be anything but because Wobble Bey Bee is a parenting / mommy/ baby / anything kid related blog, most of the items will revolve around those themes. Still, that leaves for an enormous range of products!


Step 2:

Each product that is featured will only be available for one week before it expires. All items are pre-order. This means that for one week they are available to be purchased and as soon as the time expires, everyone who has ordered will be put on a bulk order list and a large order will be made for the items you purchased.


Step 3:

Once the bulk order is placed, you just have to be patient and wait. Generally all items will be shipped out to you within 3-5 weeks. We do everything in our power to get them to you faster but just so no wrong ideas are thrown out we stick with a rough 3-5 weeks.


Step 4:

The best part about Wobble Bey Bee Boutique (besides the beautiful and adorable products) is our every 50th order deal! One person out of every 50 customer orders will receive their product for free!!! We never charge your account until your order has shipped. This means that one lucky person, for every 50 orders, will be given their order free of charge! If you are the lucky winner your card will never be charged!


Step 5:

Receive your product!


That’s it! It’s a pretty simple process.


  • The best way to stay up to date on what products are available, or going to be available, is by signing up for our newsletter. I love to send out sneak peaks of things that may be coming to our boutique, and those get sent out first, to everyone on the newsletter. Also, only the newsletter subscribers find out about the random weekly deals before they are posted! So if you want to know all the secrets of upcoming products and events, join our newsletter here!

join wobble bey bees newsletter


  • Sometimes we will hold special events where there are limited numbers of products available. They may even be items that are in stock and ready to ship immediately!  In these cases, if you are part of our newsletter you will know exactly what items or events are being held and what times to get on to purchase.


  • Occasionally we may bring back popular items that seemed to sell well. We may pick these ourselves or you may receive a newsletter asking you to go and vote on which items you think should be brought back for a week!


  • If we ever have extras of any product, they will be posted on our EXTRAS page where they can be purchased. Everything in our EXTRAS page is left over from previous stockings, this means anything you order form this section will ship right away! These supplies are very limited and are only available if we have enough left to sell.


Now that you know the breakdown of how the ordering process works, lets focus on some of the details.



Orders are made in my Wobble Bey Bee Boutique online shop. You simply add the items you want to your cart and then checkout.


There will be a countdown timer on each product, letting you know when that product will expire. As long as you order before the timer runs out, your order will be on the bulk order list.


All bulk orders are placed the day after the timer runs out.



Payment for products is pretty simple and very safe! You have the option of paying with paypal or a card. You do not have to have a paypal account to order anything, you can choose to pay with a card if you prefer. However, on my end of the payment, everything is processed through paypal. So when you make your payment, I go into my account and accept you amount once your order is ready to ship (never sooner)!


This makes all transactions safe for both yourself and I. If anything were to ever go wrong, there is the option to file a claim through paypal. That is why I use this service. Hopefully it never comes down to that though (I will always do my best to right any wrongs).


Shipping and Tracking:

Once a product is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number. I use USPS to ship almost all of my products. Once an item is shipped it takes about 3-5 business days for it to arrive to your address.


Returns and Exchanges:

I do except returns and exchanges in certain situations.


If you have received a damaged or incorrect product, I will replace it or refund you as long as it is returned (stamp date) within one week.


If you received a product that was the wrong size I will replace it or refund you as long as it is returned (stamp date) within one week.


If you received a product that you simply did not like I am more than happy to give you a refund as long as it is returned (stamp date) within one week. This does not apply to items that are personalized. Personalized items cannot be returned for a refund unless they are damaged or incorrect.


Many times I will order a few extras of each size in each product, just in case we have any size issues that arise. However, this is not true for all items. If you order something and the size is incorrect or some thing is wrong, it may take a few weeks for me to have a new one shipped back to you. If I do have an extra item in stock I will gladly exchange it immediately after the return is received.


Questions  you may have


How often will new deals be posted?

Right now, a new deal will be posted every Sunday. Occasionally we will post a few random deals throughout the week. This is not a scheduled thing and some weeks there may be less than others. Some weeks there may be none other than the Sunday deal. The best way to stay up to date on all of our deals is by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Where do I purchase these deals?

All deals can be purchased directly from our Wobble Bey Bee Boutique online store here.


Do I have to have a Paypal account to purchase an item?

NO you do not. If you do not have a Paypal account you can choose to pay as a quest and use a card to pay instead. All orders do process on my end through Paypal but that does not affect which payment method you choose.


When will my order ship to me?

We try to keep our shipping times between 3-5 weeks. We do not ship immediately due to the fact that we make bulk orders on all products once the product has expired. There may be times that orders are held up and may take longer than the 3-5 weeks. If this ever occurs we notify the effected customers immediately via email.


Can I purchase multiple items?

Yes you can. However, we do have a limit on the amount per product. We allow up to 5 of each product to be ordered at one time. However, if you have a special request and would like more than 5 items, please email us at wobblebeybee@gmail.com so we can discuss a custom order for your situation.


If you’ve stuck with me this far, THANK YOU!


I’m so excited to start this exciting adventure and as a special surprise, I want to give you a sneak peak of what will be Sunday’s featured product!!!


Isn’t this just the cutest little outfit you have ever seen?!!!


All the details will be posted on Sunday, so make sure to subscribe to our blog and our newsletter so you can see when our posts and products are announced!!!


product 2


We hope to see you Sunday for some fun Boutique shopping!!!


My Name 2



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