How to Get Free (or almost free), Full Size Products!

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I’m about to tell you all the juicy secrets of my latest obsession! Do you like Amazon? Do you like free (or almost free), full size products? Well so do I and here is how I get them! The site I’m referring to is…




You simply sign up, get your coupon, buy your Amazon product with the discount coupon and then leave a review when you get it. THAT’S IT!


SERIOUSLY! So far I’ve gotten all of this stuff and I’ve only spent $14.94!


If I had paid the regular price for all of these items on amazon it would have come out to a whopping $205.55! And that is with the amazon sale prices, if they were the listed prices that total would have doubled!


I’d say that’s a pretty good deal on some amazing full size products!


But enough chit-chat, let’s talk about the details of how to go about getting these products. I’ll list it all in steps because that’s easier to follow. Also because I wish I had these steps when I signed up instead of having to navigate blindly for a few days.


Step 1:

Go to and either click the “login with Facebook” (which is the easiest way to sign up and I recommend it for that reason) or choose to sign up by making an account.


One tip for all of you who are signing up using the Facebook login. Make sure you give them permission for everything they ask (access to friends list and so on). My husband tried to sign up and he unchecked the access to friends and now it’s being a pain and won’t login right. They won’t use your information so don’t worry about that. If you are concerned then make an account instead.


Step 2:

They post deals at 10am, 2pm and 8pm EST. Make sure you are going on at the right time for your time zone to get the deals. For example, I’m on Mountain Time so I check the deals at 8am, 12pm and 6pm.


The good deals sell out FAST so if you really want something be prepared to get on right when they post.


Step 3:

Check your email a little while before the post times. They will send you a list for everything that will go up that day. If you want something specific you can get it faster by knowing ahead of time what you’re looking for.


Heads up! They only let you get each items discount code once. So you can’t go on every day and get the same item. Also, they only let you get one item at each posting period. So if you get a coffee scrub at 10am, you have to wait until 2pm and 8pm to get a new deal.


Most of the days all of the deals are the same with the exception of one or two new ones that they add. Don’t worry though, there are a ton of deals so you won’t run out.


Step 4:

Back to login. Login a few minutes before they post and scroll down to the amazon deals section. When the clock hits exactly the posting time, refresh your page. Scroll to the item you want to purchase, click the item and then click get coupon. At this time a coupon shows up right above the button. That is the code you need for Amazon.


Their servers get really busy right at the posting periods so if you click the “get coupon” button and it says their servers are busy, just keep frantically pressing the button until it gives you a message at the top saying you have already purchased the item.


When this happens the code won’t show up on that page. To get to the code simply go back to the home page, click the button in the top right and go to your history and the code will be there.


I’ve also found it easier to use a computer if you really want something specific because it’s easier to simply do a page search for the item instead of wasting time scrolling through all the products. I’m sure you can do this on a mobile device as well but I find it easier from a computer or laptop.


Step 5:

Copy your coupon code and head over to Amazon. You can also click your way to amazon from the products on elite deal club but it’s honestly more complicated. So I simply go to the amazon website, type in the product name, add it to your cart, proceed to checkout, paste the coupon code in to get the discount, make sure it applies to your product and then purchase it for the cheap, cheap price. 😊


Step 6:

Go to your history section on elite deal club and click the button “still testing”. This will make it so it won’t keep reminding you every 5 seconds to review your product that hasn’t arrived yet. It should remind you in a week if you clicked the “still testing” button.


Step 7:

Once you receive your product and test it out, go back to elite deal club, scroll down to the review section and review the items that you have received. To do this you click the review button, leave the review on amazon and then go back to elite deal club and input the date that you made the review, into the product you just reviewed.


At this point the product shouldn’t pop up anymore asking to be reviewed (although I did have a few that kept doing that so I simply put the date in again and it fixed the problem).


You can only enter the review date in the pop-up or on the main page in the review section. For some reason it doesn’t let you enter the date while on the history page.


Step 8:

I have a hard time getting to this area on a mobile device but on a computer you can click the elite deals section and it will take you to a whole new set of deals. These cost more money but are still seriously discounted from the regular price. I’ve never purchased from this section because to get those deals you have to enter a payment method. I haven’t dealt with that yet so I don’t get the elite deals, but you can definitely do it if you want to.



Don’t click on “get coupon” unless you plan on purchasing the item. They don’t like that. If something does happen and you don’t end up purchasing it you need to go to your history and click the red button titled “didn’t purchase”.


Make sure to review all your products soon after you get them. They won’t penalize you for not leaving a review but they also won’t give you access to new deals.


The products range from free to about $5. I’ve never bought anything for over  $3 and the majority of the products I’ve purchased were either free or around $1.


If you have amazon prime, these offers all ship with 2 day shipping! Which is amazing! Everything I ordered showed up a few days after I purchased it for next to nothing! Win win!


Don’t be discouraged if a coupon sells out before you can get it. You can try again the next day. The coupons do go away eventually but from what I’ve noticed, everything usually stays on the site for at least 3 or 4 days if not longer.


Finally, even if you don’t get on right at the posting time, still check out the deals when you have time. Many times I have been able to get some amazing products that just never sold out that day, hours after the posting time.


From what their website says, the only way to join is to be invited by others who have already joined. So here is my invite to all of you! Click the picture below to make your own account.


join elite deal club now


So there you have it! That is everything you need to know about Elite Deal Club!


I hope you all enjoy the wonderful savings and have fun!


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  1. Leslie

    Whoa that is a pretty great deal. You spend $15 and get $200+ items free. That’s a great deal in my book.

  2. Rachel

    I had never heard of Elite Deals. Thanks for sharing!

    –Rachel @

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