5 Reasons Why I Gave Up On the Huffington Post

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There has been a lot of excitement lately over being accepted to write for the Huffington Post. It makes me sad though because, for most, the opportunity either doesn’t pan our or it doesn’t end up being as amazing as originally hoped for.


Don’t get me wrong, many amazing writers have had amazing outcomes from being published with Huffington Post. I myself got sucked into the awe that seems to follow that name, but unfortunately I’m now starting to second guess my enthusiasm.


Let me explain why I have currently given up on trying to write for the Huffington Post.


  1. They don’t pay. Plain and simple. I spend more time than I probably should, trying to write articles that are meaningful and full of great content. With that being said, if a company as large as Huffington Post actually likes my article enough to publish it, why am I not being paid? I work too hard to work for free.
  2. I’m sick of being rejected. Now I realize this is not everyone’s case. I see people everyday jump for joy because they’ve had articles accepted. That is wonderful and I’m extremely happy for the lucky ones! I’m not one of them and it starts to wear on me over time. I think my content is great, especially content that I choose to submit to big companies. I would rather not submit it then start thinking I’m a bad writer because one company hasn’t seen my potential.
  3. If you don’t figure out all the loop holes before hand, your blog suffers. Again, I can’t say first hand that all situations are like this but from what I’ve read, it’s hit or miss. If you don’t find a way to basically link back to your blog somewhere in the actual published article then the traffic you were hoping for won’t come. Their goal is to get traffic to their websites and pages, not yours.
  4. I strongly believe that the backlash is not worth it. Every topic can be argued but is it worth the criticism on an article that you weren’t even paid to have published? There’s a reason most people tell you not to ever read the comments. People are rude and mean, especially when hiding behind computer screens.
  5. They send a terrible message to not only their writers but also their readers (yes I’m back on the no pay thing.) They are basically telling us all that our articles are not worth the money. Literally worth zero! Yes you may get some recognition but is that worth it in the end if a company this large refuses to pay the very people who keep it from tanking.


In the end, it’s not worth it to me. My time is worth more than the hope that my article will go viral, because in most cases it won’t and it will just end up at the bottom of a never-ending, Huffington Post news feed.


I’m upset that I have come to this conclusion. When I first heard about the opportunity to possible write for Huffington Post I was extremely excited. I’m a new blogger, of course I want to drive traffic to my blog. However, I am fairly convinced that there are better ways to do it, many of which pay, and that right there makes them worth more of my time than any publication that expects free content from fabulous writers.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, think about what it is you will get out of submitting work to any publication. In this case, I can’t bring myself to work for free and I definitely can’t continue to submit work that I know is great, knowing my chances are slim on even getting noticed. Rejection is a part of life, I accept that, but that does not mean I have to subject myself to it on purpose in hopes of some random traffic to my blog.


If they like your work enough to publish it then you deserve to be paid, especially from such a well-known and extremely well off company. I promise you, they aren’t suffering in the income department and won’t be anytime soon. So, until they can pay me from my work, I give up.

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  1. LaNeshe (Nesheaholic.com)

    I really can’t believe they don’t pay. It’s probably a nice credit to have but it’s pretty disgraceful they aren’t paying writers.

    • Kylie

      I agree, it’s tough to stomach the idea that a company that large doesn’t pay its writers.

  2. Victoria M

    I didn’t know that they don’t pay! Terrible. If it’s making you feel bad that it’s the right decision. You probably feel free!

    • Kylie

      Thank you! It is nice to hear that others feel the same way. Maybe later down the line I will try to resubmit something but for now i’m going to take a break.

  3. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    I’ve seen so much talk about trying to be published on the Huffington Post, how to do it and excitement when it happens. If people want to be published there, I’m happy for them that their writing is being accepted, but I’ve never really seen the appeal for myself. Like you said, it’s a lot of work for no pay, just the hope that it’ll send more traffic to your blog. This post is so timely! Thanks for sharing a different perspective.

    • Kylie

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was definitely one of the ones who really wanted to be published with them and it sort of changed after I submitted my work. But I agree, i’m very happy for the ones who do get published, it’s exciting to have your work recognized.

  4. Tia @ FinanciallyFitandFab

    Interesting take on Huffington Post. I have never applied; however, I know quite a few bloggers in my niche (personal finance) that have been accepted. Do they provide any feedback when they deny a post? or do they just say they aren’t interested? One thing I will say is don’t give up. Keep writing! Whether the content is for the Huffington Post or another source. The worst answer you can hear is “no.” You can use that great content for your blog or another media outlet!

    • Kylie

      Thanks for reading! As far as I know and from what I’ve heard, they don’t even respond to you if they don’t accept your article. Which is one more reason they bug me. You’re basically waiting on a reply that probably won’t come.

  5. whittypaleo

    Unless there is a serious value that isn’t monetary coming from it then there’s no point. Time is money as they say. All that effort and hard work you put into something, you should be fairly compensated, especially when they will be profiting from your work. All the best!

  6. theclutterboxblog

    I definitely haven’t been putting effort into getting them to publish my stuff. But if they ever approached me, I’d look it over.

    • Kylie

      I do agree with you on this. If they approached me I would probably let them publish my post but I’ve just given up on trying to submit my own posts. However, I still think it is terrible that they don’t pay the people they approach.

  7. The Tricia Collective

    I haven’t submitted any writing to them because they don’t pay. I would rather focus my energy on my own blog, which will (hopefully!) result in a monetary benefit. I’ve written a couple free articles for friends, but I feel as though a large company should provide compensation.

    • Kylie

      I completely agree with you! They are large enough to be paying their contributors.

  8. Courtney Jones

    I was obsessed with getting published on HuffPost for the longest time. Now I’ve had two articles published in the past month, and I agree that it’s just not worth it. I got an ok amount of traffic as both were featured articles on their main page, but nothing ‘game changing’ or worth writing for free! I’ll include it in my media pack, but aside from that, can’t really see the point of submitting another article!

    • Kylie

      I’m glad i’m not the only one who feels this one. I didn’t have any articles published but after trying to get them accepted I just gave up. I realized it wasn’t worth my time if they weren’t going to pay me.
      Thanks for reading!!!

  9. Candis Hidalgo (Thompson)

    Hi Kylie – I see a lot of bloggers share your frustration and I’m sorry this has been your experience so far! Not sure when you last submitted, but they rolled out a brand new blogger platform a couple of weeks ago (called “Athena”) and it’s much easier to get accepted now.

    As for the money thing, you actually can make money from writing for HuffPost – I’ve done it several times 🙂 But you’re right, there is a method involved to actually make it happen, but once you get it down it can be very rewarding! If you’re interested, I’d be happy to share my free training & article that walks you through it. Just let me know 🙂

    • Kylie

      Thank you! I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  10. Annie @mommajeans.com

    Thanks for sharing. Having submitted to other blogs (not huff post) and being rejected, it can definitely take it out of you! Also not having people seem as excited about your article even thou you know the content is good is discouraging..thank you for sharing!

    • Kylie

      i agree, it was sad to not hear back from them, especially since I thought my post was great. But it was a learning experience and I think the Huffingting Post can be great for many people even if its not for me. And who knows, maybe at some point i’ll try again and see what happens.

    • Kylie

      I wish I had an answer for you. I’ve never had an article published with them so I can’t say how many followers one would get from it. But I’ve heard it’s really hit or miss.

  11. H Evans

    I see the hype and I really don’t see much from it.They get maybe 1-2 days of traffic and if lucky it goes viral.I do not hear many that keep the momentum past a week.

  12. Jill

    This makes me sad. I didn’t know they didn’t pay. Considering that they make the big bucks from advertisers BECAUSE of writers, they could at least kick some of that back. Heck, I had a very short story published in a Chicken Soup book, and they paid me $300 plus the opportunity to post my website (I didn’t have one) in my profile.

    • Kylie

      It really is sad. I wouldn’t have given up on them if they paid their writers.

  13. Thirtysomethingbelle

    I have a slightly different perspective here. I blog for the Huffington Post – unpaid – and it kind of works out well for both parties. I use the Huffington Post platform to publicise myself as a freelance writer, to gain experience and to add another string to my bow.

    It takes me no more than an hour or two to get an article together and I get to write about things that I probably wouldn’t post on my personal blog. More topical debates etc. I get occasion payment from brands for doing collaborations on my blog (£50 here and there) but these are huge brands with a fair few requirements and I find that these take me a lot more time and effort to conjure up, with less traffic.

    I appreciate your point about the Huffington Post not paying and this will always be debatable territory, but for me? An hours work in return for being hosting on their hugely successful page more than pays for itself in traffic to my humble little blog.

    Lisa x

    • Kylie

      I completely respect your opinion. This is just my outlook on it. I know the Huffington Post has helped many bloggers and if that is the case for you then go for it

  14. Fashion and Frappes

    Perfectly summarised! I also think as a writer or as a person willing to publish in Huffington Post for free you are doing a great disservice to other writers. You are saying your craft is not worth being paid. I fear for the day every creative is expected to work for free. This also directly effects the quality of the writing – I have seen too many articles with wrong facts and information. Its completely exploitative and I think they are disgusting to be doing that.

    • Kylie

      I do agree. It does effect the quality of writing when you are paid vs not paid. i hope someday they change their tactics and start paying their writers. I think that would help them a lot and even make them more popular than they already are.

    • Kylie

      Haha I love it! That is exactly how I feel! Thank you for sharing and for reading my post!

  15. chloe | boxwood avenue

    I would love to be published there, one of my good friends launched her career off of them. It might have been unpaid, but it lead to much bigger things 🙂

    • Kylie

      That is amazing for your friend! I wish all of the stories could be like that. I know that’s wishful thinking but that’s ok. I know many people have great success with Huffington Post. For me right now, it just isn’t the right avenue but I hope I can change my mind on that someday. It is an exciting thing to be chosen and published on a big publication.

  16. Allison

    I think I still need to give it a shot!! I haven’t even looked into it lol. We should just start contacting everyone and petitioning to get you on there!!! Lol

    • Kylie

      haha i’m sure i’ll give in and at some point and resubmit something. Do you think they’ll take this post?! Probably not huh? lol

  17. Sandy KS

    You gave several reasons why I never submitted any posts to Huffington post. I don’t like rude comments. While that website allows rude comments as part of getting people on the website. I find it rude. I am still a beginner and not in to that type of drama.

  18. Lindsey

    That you for posting this! I’ve thought a lot about the hubbub that surrounds trying to get published on the Huff Po and whether or not it is worth. I’m going to continue to focus on my writing career and my blog and let Huff Po go for awhile.

    • Kylie

      That is how I feel as well. For right now I’m moving on. Maybe someday I’ll focus on submitting content to them but for now I’m focusing on my own blog.
      Thanks for reading

  19. thesimplespender

    My experiences have been a bit different. I haven’t had any issues with posts not being published, and I don’t mind not getting paid. For me, the benefit of eventually increasing the SEO of my blog and others is worth it since you can link back to your own content.

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