Pet Peeves

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I’m a pretty laid back person. It takes a lot to make me have emotions that stray far from happy and content. But every once in a while a little thing happens that drives me nuts. And they’re always stupid little things! Things that shouldn’t matter, and if we’re being honest, don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things. But none the less, they bug me, whether I like it or not.

Here are my pet peeves (and some of my husbands…my list wasn’t very long by itself…).

1: When someone puts the toilet paper on facing the wrong direction. You pull from the top, not the bottom! Come on people, it’s simple!

2: When someone takes the dish towel to dry off their hands and then stuffs it back onto the oven hanger like a wadded up piece of newspaper! It takes two seconds to nicely hang it back up! PLUS, if you notice me fixing it every time this happens then it obviously bugs me and said person should stop being lazy and hang the damn towel up correctly!

3: When everybody wants to eat breakfast, or lunch, or dinner but nobody has a slight idea about what they would like to eat! Well that’s just fine, you can all eat nothing because that’s exactly what I’m cooking…NOTHING! 

4: When I say I want to change something about myself (for example, get a short hair cut) and everybody tells me not to because they don’t like it short. It’s not your f$#@*&% hair and who asked your opinion anyways! I’ll do what I want with my own head thank you very much! AND I love my hair short which is all that matters!

5: When someone leaves a vague comment on social media but doesn’t elaborate when someone finally asks what it means. Why would you post it to begin with! Asking for attention and then not wanting it! Make up your mind…and then elaborate because it’s driving us all nuts!

6: When older people try to kiss me on the lips to say hello. I don’t know where those have been! Keep them away from my mouth! Cheeks, forehead, even my nose is fine, but I don’t need a mouth smooch! This has to be a generational thing, I only see older people doing it.

7: When people squish the toothpaste out by squeezing it rather than rolling it from the bottom. This is my husband’s pet peeve…about me. I’m the toothpaste squisher.

8: Mouth noises. Again, husbands pet peeve about me. When I hear a sound I don’t like, like writing with chalk, or a pencil, or anything that makes noise when used to write (I have no idea why these sounds bug me), I make this sucking sound with my mouth that he HATES! I don’t even know I’m doing it but he sure does!

9: Rude people. I just hate rude people. It’s unnecessary and makes you look like jackass! Raise good humans! It’s not that hard!

***Side note, if you don’t get the “how rude” reference below you need to schedule a Full House marathon immediately!***

10: When slow people and big rigs drive in the fast lane! I grew up in California where it is illegal for trucks to drive anywhere but the slow lane unless they are passing a vehicle. It is also a law now that you have to move over for faster moving vehicles. What’s with everywhere else? Why block traffic? If you see people behind you getting close, MOVE OVER! It’s called common courtesy, figure it out!

11: When people don’t use their blinkers! They’re right next to your hand! It takes no effort to use them! You just move your hand an inch away from your steering wheel and voila, it’s there! They are there for a reason and it’s not so you can can be a lazy ass and ignore them! 

12: When a certain person (cough, cough, my husband) is playing video games and completely ignores my questions about his pet peeves. How am I suppose to write about what he hates if he pretends I’m not talking?! Can you tell what’s going on at our house right now? :/

So there you have it! All the little stupid things that bug me and my husband. Or the things that we do to one another that make us just a little more crazy. But without crazy, life would be boring, so bring on the crazy!

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  1. Kristyn Schultz

    Great post! I was thinking of doing one similar, but most of my pet peeve are things my husband does so I didn’t want to get him upset for airing it out all over the internet, as he can be quite sensitive about some of them lol But your first 2 are 100% on my list. SO ANNOYING!

  2. Amber

    This cracked me up! I so agree with these! Especially the toilet paper one. My husband likes to do it the wrong way. Drives me nuts.

  3. Amanda

    This was very funny! I remember when the toilet paper thing use to bother me, but now with 2 teenagers I just happy if they replace the role!

    • Kylie

      Hehe, I kind of feel the same with 2 little kids at this point. We’re lucky if it ends up on the holder rather than dropped in the toilet.

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