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I’m so excited! The amazing Pip over at How to Cross the Road nominated me for the Liebster Award and I am so grateful! Check out her blog! It’s amazing!

The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to bloggers. It is to recognize and highlight new and upcoming blogs within the community.

So what are the rules? From what I’ve gathered, the rules are quite flexible, so I’m going to stick with the ones that were given to me. I’m going to pick 11 new and upcoming blogs, if you are chosen and decide to take part, you can alter the rules how you please.

Rules (from How to Cross the Road):
  • First ~ Make sure you show recognition to the Blogger that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Second ~ Upon your nomination, the person that nominated you will give you 11 questions. In your post, you must answer these questions.
  • Third ~ Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself…Let the readers get to know you a little!
  • Fourth ~ Find 11 new blogs you believe deserve to be nominated for the Liebster Awards.
  • Last, but not least ~ Give your nominees 11 questions for them to answer on their blog!
Now that we all know the rules let’s get to the good stuff.
My 11 Questions from How to Cross the Road.

1 ~ If you could go back and teach your childhood self one thing, what would it be?

Oh jeez, there would be a lot I would want to tell myself. I would tell myself not to care what others think because in the end everything will turn out better than I could ever imagine. I would tell myself to try new things and not be so shy. I should probably convince myself to buy a different wardrobe because from what I recall, I went from looking like a cabbage patch kid as a child to a wannabe boy as a teenager. But overall I think it would be most beneficial to let myself know that all my mistakes will make me who I am and to not stress over the little things.

2 ~ What is your guilty pleasure?

Well, I have to say chocolate. It’s more of an obsession but for all intents and purposes we’ll call it a “guilty pleasure”, one that I indulge in all day long.

But…when you think about it, I could be doing worse things so I’ll chalk that up as a win.

3 ~ Who is/ has been your biggest inspiration?

I always have trouble with questions like this one. There are so many people in my life that have inspired me in different ways. I don’t think I could honestly pick just one. I truly believe that every person who walks into your life inspires you in one way or another, whether or not they were someone you loved, liked, disliked or hated. My dad has inspired me to work my hardest and because of him I know things aren’t going to be handed to me, I have to work hard for what I want. My mom has inspired me to let go and have fun. Life shouldn’t be all serious, you need to let loose every now and then. I mean the list could go on and on, it’s impossible to say one person has inspired me more than others.
4 ~ What is your favorite thing about yourself? (Get those feel good feelings going!)

I love that I am a kind and compassionate person. I think that’s hard to find these days. I genuinely care about people and look for the best in them. Don’t get me wrong, I admit, I do my fair share of criticizing (which I need to stop) but in the end I hate seeing people hurt. I think it’s entirely possible to be a nice person and to treat people with respect.

5 ~ Funniest thing ever witnessed?

I can’t for the life of me think of the funniest thing I’ve witnessed. Well I thought of a few but they are a bit too inappropriate to share to the world 😉 
I feel pathetic that I can’t think of something good! I’ll edit this later when I think of something.

6 ~ What is your main vice? (eg smoking, chewing your nails).
I would have to say laziness. Especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning. I don’t enjoy either and it takes a lot to get me motivated to do them. 
7 ~ If you could go back in time and live in any era, which would it be?

Probably any era without the internet, computers and cell phones. I know they have caused so much positive change but I honestly get overwhelmed and upset when I think about how dependent we have all become on electronics. It would be amazing to experience a different time period where people interacted with one another rather than with their phones. (I realize this is incredibly hypocritical since I’m writing this on a computer but I can’t do much about that.)
8 ~ What has been your greatest achievement?

My children! They are and will always be my greatest achievement. I won’t ever be able to top them with any experience. I created life, what is greater than that?

9 ~ If you could create your own TV show, what would it be called and what would it be about?

A realty TV show about my in-laws. I love them and they need their own show. I should just start filming them and make a YouTube channel. Hippie Dippie Life would be an appropriate name. I’m pretty sure it would be a hit and now I’m seriously wondering why I haven’t started this yet…

10 ~ What is your biggest wish for the future?

I wish, everyday, that my children will grow up happy, healthy and live incredibly long lives.

11 ~ If you could change one thing about the world we live in today, what would it be?

Oh boy, again with the one thing, thing. There are a million things I wish I could change. Peoples sensitivity levels, bullying, the use of pesticides, GMO food, the use of chemicals in everything we use and consume, poverty, starvation, suicide, mental health, the health care system, cruelty, the school systems, cell phone use, the use of precious resources, the destruction of nature, discrimination, sexism, feminism, racism, the way men view women, the way women view men, the way we all view society…the list could go on for eternity! Don’t get me wrong, the world we are living in is an amazing place, but it’s falling apart at the worst rate imaginable. So if I could change one thing it would be to change everything.
11 Random Facts About Myself:

1 ~ I LOVE chocolate! All chocolate!

2 ~ I am a huge introvert, I don’t like doing things by myself and I am not a leader nor do I enjoy being one.

3 ~ I love to ride quads and I have been doing it since I was little. I am also lucky enough to say that it is something I have been able to do with my family and friends.

4 ~ I married my high school sweetheart.

5 ~ I am 26 years old and I have 3 amazing children all under the age of 6.

6 ~ I have been best friends with my best friend since the 2nd grade.

7 ~ I own my at home Jewelry Business, Precious Threads Creations. I run it all on my own from my house. And no, I am not a consultant for anyone, I own and operate it 100%!

8 ~ I’m a stay at home mom.

9 ~ I am terrified of heights, horror movies and the stomach drop feeling you get on roller coasters.

10 ~ I love to eat and I eat whatever I want. I also have a super high metabolism, which is probably why I can get away with eating everything while still weighing 100 lbs. I’m sure this will change someday and then I’m screwed. I truly believe life is too short to diet.

11 ~ I’ve lived in California, Texas and Idaho. I grew up in Northern California, we moved to El Paso Texas when my husband joined the Army and we now live in Idaho while he is attending Helicopter Flight School.

My Nominations!

1 ~ Rachel from racheldupree

2 ~ Patricia from Nutrisha

3 ~ Josette the from Supermama Blog
4 ~ Ashley from xomidwestmess
5 ~ Chloe from hayitschloe

6 ~ Christina from My Crazy Jean World

7 ~ Kimberly from A Beautiful Mind 4 Me

8 ~ Brent from Down Home Daddy

9 ~ Sarah from Smiling with Sarah

10 ~ Kallia from Kallia’s Everyday Talks

11 ~ Mikaela from Wildlife, She Wrote

CONGRATULATIONS to all the nominees! Now it is your turn to answer all the questions below in your own blog post and pick 11 of your own lucky winners to continue on the awarding 🙂
The Questions for the Nominees:

1 ~ What has been the best vacation you have been on?

2 ~ What is your most prized possession?

3 ~ What is your favorite thing about yourself?

4 ~ What is your favorite quote and why?

5 ~ If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

6 ~ What is your favorite hobby?

7 ~ If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have 3 items, what would they be?

8 ~ What is your biggest fear?

9 ~ Who inspires you?

10 ~ If the sky’s the limit, what would you want to do next?

11 ~ What makes you smile?

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