Out of the Mouths of Babes ~ Words of Wisdom from the Birthday Boy

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Today is a very special day for us! Our first-born turns six! (Sad face because he’s getting way too big, way too fast)! He’s very excited though so we are too.
So for today’s post I wanted to make sure I wrote about a funny quote from him and I think this one fits pretty well for today’s growing up / birthday theme.

A few days ago some random topic came up (for the life of me I can’t actually remember what it was that we were talking about) and in his most grown up voice said this little gem…
“Well, life is life and you can’t change life”.
It was a little bit of an eye opener because how true is that! A little reminder from our youth that some things in life are going to happen whether we like it or not.
That little quote he so calmly sliced out is very fitting on a day like today.
I’m sad he’s growing up because it means my little boy isn’t a baby anymore but “life is life and you can’t change life”.
I can’t change that he’s getting older (and more stubborn) by the day but I can choose to be happy.
I hope he chooses to view life this way forever. It’s an amazing quality and I am so proud of him for realizing something most people can’t comprehend in a lifetime.
“Life is life and we can’t change life”, so embrace it for everything it is!
Take it from my now 6-year-old wise child, he seems to know what he’s talking About. (All happy faces)!
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