Thought-full Thursday #4

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It’s that time again! Thought-full Thursday! Here’s what’s been on my mind this week.

  • The face swap thing on snapchat makes me hate my face just a little. First of all its completely creepy to see your face on someone else’s head. Secondly, you never realize how old you actually look until you face swap with your 6 months old…
  • I really love bag balm! Has anyone else used this? Or even heard of it? I use it for chap stick but it works for so many other things! My husband hates the stuff but I love it so much!
  • Mom moment!  – The moment you have to sneeze in bed while baby is fast asleep next to you so you sneeze as quiet as a sneeze can be ( which isn’t very quiet) and then you super pause and pray it didn’t wake her…and then she starts stirring…
  • What the hell is the universe expanding into? Seriously, this question literally makes me mad! It’s obviously expanding into something, it’s not just nothing! Things like this keep me up at night…
  • I wish summer would hurry up and get here. I just want to leave the house and my kids are going crazy staying inside all day long! Come on heat! Get a move on!
Check back next Thursday for more of my random thoughts.

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  1. Kristyn Schultz

    ah! There was so much about this I liked I don’t know where to start! Ditto to the universe expanding – my husband and I now have an unspoken rule that I’m not allowed to pester him with my lingering questions like this because it gets him too upset lol And the other night I woke up needing to cough in the worst way and ran out of the room to let loose because Luca was finally sleeping soundly, which is a rarity for us right now. I have never heard of bag balm but I’m curious as to what it is, so I’ll have to remember to google that later. It will be 66 degrees where I live today so we are heading to the park after work to let our son run around and let some of that steam off!

    • Kylie

      Bag balm is great I love the smell of it lol. That probably makes me weird haha. I’m glad you got to go to the park! We actually made it to the park too. I’m so happy the weather is cooperating!

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