Out of the Mouths of Babes ~ Spicy Boobs

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So…I had Thrush. Well I’m self diagnosing myself with having Thrush because I’ve gone 6 months of pain-free breastfeeding and then all of a sudden it hurt like hell to feed little miss. She didn’t show signs of Thrush but I treated myself anyways because I wanted it to stop hurting. So I went out and bought anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream and put it on myself after every feeding. 
The process of applying this stuff makes me look ridiculous. I’m applying it in my kitchen because I feed her down stairs, it’s just easier that way. So I’m standing in the kitchen with my boobs hanging out, wiping them down with vinegar and then putting on the cream and the whole time my three-year old is watching me. I don’t have problems with my kids seeing me naked but I feel a little awkward anyways.
And then, to make it even more awkward he asks me this.

“Mommy, are you putting that on your boobs to make them spicy?”
Some things you just can’t find a proper response to….the kid thinks I’m flavoring my boobs for the baby….
I laughed, told him no, it was to make mommy feel better and told him to go play. That was obviously a good enough explanation because he ran off pretending to be the Flash, completing disregarding everything he had just seen and said. 
I hope we don’t grow out of this stage anytime soon. The little random tid bits from a toddlers mind are priceless 🙂

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