Thought-full Thursday #3

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It’s Thursday again! I look forward to this post every week!
Here are my random thoughts for the week (I’m collecting thoughts throughout the week now, it is way too difficult to think of a bunch of random stuff on the spot).

  • I used to think kid leashes were ridiculous…until we had our middle child. Now it makes perfect sense why some parents would choose to use them.
  • Do you realize how many years we waste waiting for the next movie in a movie series to come out! For example, The last Hunger Games movie comes out on DVD this month (no I did not see it in theaters so no spoilers please). The first Hunger Games came out in 2012! I have spent 4 years waiting for this fucking movie! What happens when I’m old and I die before seeing the end of whatever stupid series is going on then?! #realworldproblems
  • I have a baby girl clothes shopping problem! All Carters has to do is send me an email, or catalog like they just did, with a 50% off sale and a 20% off coupon and I go wild. It’s like a kid in a candy shop over here, but really just a crazy mom in a kids clothing store…
  • I saw an orange ghost in our house the other day. I thought it was my cell phone case reflecting off the hall nightlight but the funny part is…it was still darting around after I covered my phone. So, ghost (hopefully friendly, I don’t mind the friendly ones).
  • Have you ever stepped back and thought about how much time you spend judging people? I’m terrible! I need to stop, like now, it’s a horrendous habit and so hypocritical. What people do with their lives, their kids, etc, is none of my business. The world could do with less opinions, including mine.
  • I love Honey! We just bought a gallon of local raw honey and it’s amazing! I mean come on, how satisfying is this pictures?!
Join me next Thursday for more random thoughts (please join me the rest of the week too, I do post more often than just Thursday’s. Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s to be exact).

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