Out of the Mouths of Babes ~ Potty Talk

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So, we (my husband and I, I can’t leave him out ❤) have a three-year old little boy. The fact that he is three should explain enough, I mean have you ever met a three-year old?! They’re crazy! But anyways, to say the least, he is a spirited little guy and I have to give him credit, he’s persistent, and as stubborn as a mule. But as difficult as he can be, he always finds a way to make us laugh, even if he thinks he’s just talking to himself on the toilet.

A while back (when he was about two and a half) I woke up to find him motivating himself to pee. These were the exact words that he was SINGING out loud…
“Aim and pee, aim and pee, aim and pee. YOU DID IT!”
I didn’t even want to go help him because he was having such a grand ol’ time in there just singing to his you know what…it was hilarious and adorable and something I’ll never forget.
I’ll be embarrassing him with that story for the rest of my life…I’m sure he’ll learn to love it as much as I do (fingers crossed).


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