Out of the Mouths of Babes ~ Time Outs

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Time outs are a pretty normal punishment for young kids. But it always makes me laugh when I think of what kids start to say once they realize they are in trouble.  
There was a point in time, when big brother was around three years old, where if he did something bad, he would be put in his room with the door shut and he couldn’t come out until he stopped screaming. The longer he screamed, the longer he sat. But then he started screaming things that made it almost impossible to be mad at him! I seriously went through the struggle of trying to punish him versus hug him almost every day. 
This is how time outs went for a good six months.

  • Barrett did something bad.
  • Mommy put big brother in his room.
  • Big brother screamed for 10 minutes.
  • Mommy yelled at big brother to knock it off.
  • Big brother did not knock it off and kept screaming and crying.
  • And then big brother started screaming this….
How in hell do I compete with that! I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing. It was a trap! He knew I couldn’t stay mad if he screamed the cutest thing known to man. 
So in the end,
Big brother – 1
Mommy – 0
He is now 5 and I rarely hear this excuse yelled when he is in trouble but he definitely pulled it out the other day when he was really upset about being punished. Once again, I lost that battle, he’s just too cute to fight with when he says that!
What things have your kids yelled out during time outs?


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