Thought-full Thursday #1

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I’m not the greatest at creating a routine or a schedule, which is kind of important in blogging because it gives readers something to look forward to each week.
So in order to change my ways one subtle step at a time, I’m creating Thought-full Thursdays. One day a week you get to hear about all my wonderfully annoying and down right useless thoughts 🙂 my Thursday full of thoughts! Get it? Thought-full Thursday…see what I did there?!…
Anywhoo, moving on to all those thoughts!
  • Does anyone actually like the Cherry and Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers? They’re gross!
  • I’m way too sensitive! I need to work on that, it’s a very irritating trait.
  • I need to clean our house REALLY BAD, yet I’m still sitting here. Oh the struggle is real. Come on motivation, kick in!
  • How do these women and men move their butts and hips separately from the rest of their body. Seriously, if you saw my sorry attempt at twerking you would understand my confusion.
  • I want to be buried in a tree pod! If you don’t know what that is, look here, it’s a pretty cool idea.
  • I love sunsets! See the gorgeous picture at the top of this post? That’s from my backyard! 
So there you have it my Thursday thoughts 🙂 Stay tuned for more random thoughts put out every Thursday.
Let me know what random thoughts you’ve had today.


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